US, Canada and PanAmerican Services

Truck and camper next to the Pacific ocean

Are you planning a trip within the US or Canada? We can help you with:

Vehicle purchasing on demand

  • Deciding which vehicle type is best suited for your type of adventure

  • Finding vehicles that match your needs

  • Organizing the purchase of the vehicle so it is ready when you arrive

  • Airport transportation when possible/necessary

  • Includes vehicle ownership transfer

US vehicle ownership transfer

  • We can register any US vehicle in your name. This is called a “Title Transfer”

  • We provide an address for registration and insurance purposes

  • All requirements are handled for you

Document assistance and advice

  • Information/assistance with vehicle insurance

  • Knowledge covering state specific vehicle requirements

  • Vehicle registration paperwork

  • Power of Attorney documents

General assistance for all things Overland

  • Do you have even more questions? We have the answers. Just ask. If we don’t know, we know who does.

Campervan on a beach

PanAmerican Highway Assistance

Are you planning a trip somewhere along the Pan American Highway?
We offer assistance with US vehicle purchases outside the US.

  • Deciding which vehicle type is best suited for your type of adventure

  • Full service information regarding your particular situation

  • Full transfer of ownership of US vehicles, into YOUR name

  • Continued support as needed, when applicable

  • Poder support to make things EASY